“VEZILKA”, International Artists’ Colony 2021

ART POINT – GUMNO is joining the celebration of the 100-th anniversary from the birth of the “father” of the Macedonian alphabet, Blaze Koneski, one of the greatest Macedonian poets and linguists. Therefore, we are organizing a creative gathering (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) on two occasions, with two different groups of artists who will work inspired by his most famous poem “VEZILKA” / “Embroideress”.

Members of Liberec School of photography (Liberecká škola fotografie) from the Czech Republic: Jana Hunterová, Šimon Pikous, Roman Machek, Naďa Millerová and Martin Novotný will reside in ART POINT – GUMNO from August 26th – September 3rd.

The second group of artists: Olena Klochko from Ukraine, Kotryna Calkaite from Lithuania, Matko Vekic from Croatia, Oliver Marceta from Slovenia and Niko Sturm from Austria will create on the same topic in the period from September 17th – 26th.

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