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Project News

Project News

Workshops on Capacity Building

for local providers of tourism services in the municipalities of Demir Hisar, MK and Klos , AL were held on 15 and 22 September 2020. Due to the COVID pandemic, the seminars were held separately but as parallel sessions in both countries.

Best domestic tourism experts were engaged for both WSs, thanks to the support provided by the EU citizens.

Ms. Eva Kushova (AL) and Mr. Kostantin Ciriviri (MK) were the experts for the 1st WS entitled: “Sharing attractions from the Cross Border region with tourists; benefits for the local communities in Klos and Demir Hisar” held on September 15th, 2020 while Ms. Katerina Vasileska (MK) and Ms.

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From idea to business

– а third workshop with the local population was held in Demir Hisar on Sept.29th 2020.

How to discover the attractions in Babino, Sloestica, Slepce, Smilevo?

How to make a tourist product attractive to the inhabitants of big cities?

These challenges were jointly explored by the project partners, the Municipality of Demir Hisar and Art Point – Gumno together with local stakeholders. Creative ideas for “tourist winter”, “cooking forgotten dishes”, “digital detox weekend” and many others are potential activities for the two cross-border trips that will be developed within the project “Discovering the hidden attractions”

3rd Progress meeting

– between the project partners held in Klos, AL on September 30th.

Potentials for tourist experiences were explored (14-15 October 2020)

– during a 2-day field visit in Demir Hisar area.

Thanks to the experts from @Genuinexperiences several stakeholders were advised about possibilities to turn their authentic every-day life, occupation and hobbies into tourist experiences: Accommodation in a traditional Demir Hisar room and riding school in the village of Sladuevo; Sheep grazing; A story about tobacco and Two centuries old culinary tradition in the village of Suvodol; The heart of the Macedonian disobedience and the Mijak’s customs in the village of Smilevo; Camping in untouched nature and traditional charcoal production in the village of Bazernik, crowned with a bow at the gates of the monastery of St. Jovan Pretecha in the village of Slepche.

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Trainings for Grant Beneficiaries under the IPA II CBC Programme MK-AL

The team of the project “Discovering hidden attractions” from Demir Hisar, MK and Klos, AL participated on the third in the series of trainings for Grant Beneficiaries under the IPA II CBC Programme MK-AL which took place via zoom platform from 23 – 25 Nov. 2020

Crucial inputs on “Reporting and visibility” were delivered to the participants by the JTS experts and DEU.

Online Promotional Campaign

for the project aims to promote cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border target destination as a tourism attraction by framing the existing natural and man-made potentials into marketable and sustainable touristic offer. During the high touristic season, the online targeted & sponsored campaign on FB and Instagram has 2 main purposes:

  • To promote the attractiveness of Demir Hisar (MK) and Klos (AL) as a single thematic tourist destination in general – “2 countries – 1 trip!”, and
  • To link the service providers directly with the tourists, offering new touristic packages from the single thematic tourist destination developed by the team of experts

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Second consultative meeting for revision of the existing project document “Design of information boards and signposts in Sloestica, Municipality of Demir Hisar” (June 20th 2021)

Thanks to a wide participative approach and contribution by the representatives/activists from/for the local community in Sloeshtica, locations and creative inputs for the info-boards are defined.

WS-s on: “Developing and testing CB destination products” held for Municipal staff and private sector in Demir Hisar and Klos (19th, 20th and 30th July 2021)

Welcoming people is the key advantage of our single destination for adventure travel in a two-country trip. WS topic is on defining touristic products that will present the best from the cross-border region: nature, culture and adventure.

Hiking, biking, off-road, horseback riding, camping, fishing, cooking classes with locals are just few of the activities tourists can do in the Demir Hisar and Klos rural gems.

Preliminary concept for the memorial setting honoring Petre M. Andreevski, “CELEBRATION OF THE PIREY”

Preliminary concept for the memorial setting honoring Petre M. Andreevski, “CELEBRATION OF THE PIREY” is ready, we expect the finalization of the exhibition very soon.

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