Art Point - Gumno
Residency 2011

Residency 2011

August 13th – 31st

Najet Gherissi, La Marsa, Tunisia

  • This Exclusive guest of Art Point – Gumno is the first woman sculptor in the history of Tunisia.

Despite the current developments in her country, where, as an active member of the Association of Tunisian Artists she is involved in the revolutionary movements, Najet found time to visit Macedonia and to present the magical blue of Carthage.

The metal is the favourite medium of Najet whose huge sculptures are placed around Tunisia. Expressiveness of the sculptures is accented with the Mediterranean blue colour – the trademark of the author.

The most actual is her travelling exhibition in France entitled “Ultramarine blue” currently located in Marseille.

In Sloestica village, the old metal objects, discarded by the progress of technology, laying abounded out of use for a long time were transferred into magical sculpture – “Insect from the Space”.

“La fame du Cartage” was Inspired by the stones which are shaped by the slopes from the “White River” in Sloestica.

This Artist Residency was realized with a partial support of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.