Art Point - Gumno
Art Point-Gumno

Art Point-Gumno

We began with our activities in June 2004 and since the official registration in March 2005 we act as an NGO – International Centre for Art and Sustainable Development “ART POINT – GUMNO”. We are located in the magical village of Sloestica nested at the bottom of Plakenska Mountain.

Our motto is: Tn Nature and Art we Trust! 

Our main activities are focused on art and culture, local development, biodiversity and nature conservation, environment…

Artists-in-residence program – renowned artists from all over the world have been our official guests. This program is organized once (rarely twice) a year for 2-3 artists from different countries of the world. During their stay in the village, for minimum 3 weeks, the artists are creating inspired by the beauty of the nature in the region and the unique spirit of the local people. Visit of the important cultural and historical sites in the region (Krusevo, Bitola and Ohrid) are part of the program.

By the end of each Residence exhibition of the artworks is organized as an “Open Studio Day” which is being visited by numerous interested art lovers from all over Macedonia.

Besides producing art, the artists are invited to implement activities for and together with the locals. Through these community projects eternal friendships are built and new horizons are opened.

Through the years the Art Point – Gumno’s family of artists is constantly growing.

Visiting artists – more than 20 International artists have visited our art center, most of them stayed and worked for 2-7 days.

Artists Exchange: – Through formal cooperation with other similar international organizations, APG nominated numerous Macedonian and foreign artists for their participation on International Artists’ Colonies/Residencies/Workshops abroad. This is how we build bridges and strength relationships between artists from all over the world.

Multimedia Festival – “Celebrating the Pirey (a plant belonging to the Elymus genus)” – traditionally, on the day of the village patron, the “Holly Mother”, on August 28th, APG in collaboration with the movie production company “ENOH” organize an event aiming to remind the public on the greatest Macedonian writer Peter M. Andreevski and the eternity of the Macedonian Nation!

We care for the People and the Nature – Sustainable local development, biodiversity and nature conservation, environment…are also in our focus (find out more in our projects section).

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