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 Venice of Demir Hisar

If one decides to take break from the urban noise and to feel that the time could stop somewhere, do not move at all – that’s the right place for vacation. Sloeshtica is that kind of a place!

This village (which I believe to be an often topic in the future) is located in the upper Demir Hisar mountains. When the weather is clear, you can climb up above the village, to the top of Plakenska Mountain and see both our lakes, Ohrid and Prespa Lake.

Recently, the local jokers called Sloeshtica theVenice of Demir Hisar. Actually, the water is running through the village, it seems as it is coming out of each house.

Springs are bathing the village from everywhere and it is always green. It seems like the green color is fed by the water. Maybe that’s why the green is my favorite color?!

Above the village, there are whirlpools turning the water which falls down making waterfalls. People are often coming for picnic during the summer period; others are coming because of the mountain which is reach with forest fruits and the best varieties of mushrooms. Tartuffe could only be found there.

For those who are occupied with any creativity work, this is the place where one could look deep inside his/her soul and make new creation.

The people from Sloeshtica are well known for their humor: in the evenings they sit in front of the old cooperative house which they called “White house”. There, they are solving the world policy.

While the elder are discussing the policy, the youngsters as per tradition are walking in front of the “White House” convinced that their mid-village is equal to St Marko Square in Venice.


Sergej Andreevski, painter
(Reportage MY MACEDONIA, published in the magazine ZENA, July-August 2002)



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