Art Point - Gumno
Residency 2013

Residency 2013


10 years “ART POINT – GUMNO” or 10 years of recruiting  cultural ambassadors for Macedonia  

The year 2013 marked 10 years since the german artist Hubertus Hess created the “Angel Guardian” sculpture in the creative  courtyard of the village Sloestica.

More than 40 renowned world artists have stayed and created artworks at the international art centre ART POINT – GUMNO in the past 10 years, beginning in the summer of 2003. Even today, they are still giving their contribution to the centre – by acting as cultural ambassadors for Macedonia.  

In September 2013, a part of these artists (10), came back to Sloestica to celebrate the anniversary of the art centre and to build new bridges of friendship and professional international cooperation on the workshop named: “The Blue Mountain”.

The exclusivity of ART POINT – GUMNO is the original artistic seal of all of these artists (Nazhet Gerisi – the first female sculptor in the history of Tunisia; Paulo Gayad – Marquez in the south american painting; Elisabeth Ross – one of the most excentric Mexican artists; Arrow Ross – a photographer, a world traveler and a pioneer of the Hippie movement in the USA; Stano Buban – an intuitive painter who was nominated for another prestige prize in Lindon “BP Portrait Award” this year; the American trio from Willmington: Toll, Tustin and Roberts – the founders of the unique international art colony “No Boundaries” in the USA and many others, finishing with the youngest, Eva Mayer – a winner of several prizes and a national scholarship for PhD studies at the academy in Budapest.

This Artist Residency was realized with a partial support of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.