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“Macedonia Live” (2011)

“Macedonia Live” (2011)

“MACEDONIA LIVE” in Sloestica

In June 2011, the Andreevski family was a host to special guests from Wilmington, North Carolina. Ten students from the Art Academy of NCU, together with their professor Pamela Toll, a colleague and a friend of Sergej for years, functioned as one family, and created individually. Besides creating artworks, they lived Macedonia, too.

Actually, this is how the project was named:“Macedonia live”.

The visit of Sloestica, and some important cultural sites in Ohrid, Bitola, Skopje, was the final phase of the project in which the students were studying the culture, the history and the tradition of Macedonia for almost a year.

 “This project differs from all the others because the artists were not only devoted to the art, but they were also studying about our state. They approached  this journey very seriously, because they were introducing with our culture, archaeology, culinary, natural beauties, music, movie… When they arrived here, they already knew the country very well. They were preparing for a year regarding what to see and visit. Through the project, they enjoyed Macedonia today” – Sergej Andreevski (APG founder)

“I discovered other personalities at them. After Macedonia, they’ll never be the same. Here, it is different from all the other countries we visited. They worked a lot; the nature inspired them. Some were shy, here, they relaxed.” – Pamela Toll (the Professor)

The students created interesting works, sculptures, drawings and installations. The art creations were shown all over the space of Art Point – Gumno, at the final exhibition on June 24th. Each artist has its own space to create transferred into his/her personal artistic world. The visitors sow the works, but also sensed the personality of each artist through his/her presence.

For years, through Art Point – Gumno we are working on including the locals into this story. This was the first time for some families to offer direct hospitality to the students. For this purpose, some of the houses were specially adapted. The hosts were preparing breakfast, took them around the village, became close to them as with relatives. The students made friendships with the local people like no one before.


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