Art Point - Gumno
Residency 2014

Residency 2014

Christine Nikol, Nuremberg, Germany
– One of the most established artists on the German art scene. In 2014, she received the best painting award of the Nürnberger Nachrichten Newspaper for the second time. Nicole, who was greeted by the locals in the narrow village streets on an everyday basis  surpassed the limit of her painting block with sketches.

 Aleksandar Pedovic, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Our first artist-guest from the neighboring Serbia. He is an artist who nurtures and applies a multidisciplinary relationship towards the art and the design. His inspirational “enigma” is the question: Where does the architecture end, and where is the beginning of the visual arts?

 Jan Triaska, Bratislava, Slovakia
– He comes from Bratislava, where he teaches drawing, digital graphics and graphical design on the local University. Inspired by the Byzantine  fresco-works, he made drawings using a natural coffee pigment in Sloestica;

 Dick Roberts, Wilmington, NC, USA
– except from being a guest of the artist residency of Art Point – Gumno, he is also an official citizen of Sloestica since 2007. This year, he replaced his typical abstract artistic expression with figurative  artworks.

This Artist Residency was realized with a partial support of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

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