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Residency 2015

Residency 2015

July 2015


Michelle Connolly, UK/Sidney, Australia

A British, currently Australia-based artist/researcher from the abstract all the way to the figurative art. Her reputation experienced a real bloom during her stay in the USA, where she actively takes a part of the organisation and of the art life at the Acme Art studio at the international art colony No Boundaries, being its present art director. Connolly finds her inspiration in the art of the Aborigines.


Beti Bricelj, Postojna, Slovenia

– the young artist from our region, from Slovenia, has also been inspired by the Aborigines, or to be exact, by the three sacred colors of this tribe. Her trademark is the geometric painting, which took her all the way to the Museum of Geometric Art in Dallas, USA in 2014.


Joskin Shiljan, Grdelica, Serbia
 “With his freedom and spontaneity of pictorial expression, Shiljan’s works reveal the wealth of his spirit, lucidity, warmth and touching sincerity. His oeuvre is in fact an authentic diary, since his motifs are mostly of autobiographic character, where the personal  is raised to the level of the universal” (abstract from the critics by Nina Krstic, written for his retrospective exhibition opened in Belgrade in March 2015)


Leon Patchet, Cromarty, Scotland,

 – the member of the numerous APG art family from 2008 will visit Sloestica for the third time. Leon uses the fallen trees and branches as his mediums, which become revived in his sculptures.