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“Think before you trash it” (2005)

“Think before you trash it” (2005)

“Think before you trash it!”
How to make bird feeders from plastic bottles

Management of the plastic waste is a big problem in Macedonia. The existing legislations are not implemented and the awareness about environmental protection and public health is on a low level.

In the rural areas where there is no organized waste collection, people are throwing the garbage in the rivers. Thousands of plastic bottles can be found in the rivers.

 In September 2005, Dick Roberts the American artist in residence who felt in love with Macedonia and the village of Sloestica, shared a very interesting experience about recycling with the group of pupils from the biology section of the primary school “Brakja Miladinovci”, village of Zvan.

Instead of throwing the empty plastic bottles in the river, he suggested an option for reusing them as birds’ feeders. The workshop was based on instructions which Dick found on Internet.  



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