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Residency 2016

Residency 2016

The following artists will take part in the 2016 Residency in Sloeshtica (starting on September 10-th):

Kimmo Ylönen, Finland,

-Kimmo Ylönen is a Finnish artist based on the island Norrskata outside the south-western coast. He uses mostly natural material and often spends years building and rebuilding the pieces.



Rosie Jones Newman, Scotland, UK,

-Rosie’s artwork has two distinct pathways. Firstly she is a sculptor and installation artist, working from different sources such as found objects (cars, bus shelter and ladders) and natural materials (moss, tree roots and branches) as well as sound and film. Secondly she is a painter, her paintings have had themes over the years including quirky figurative work, juicy sea and landscapes and colorful domestic interiors.



Gerlinde Pistner, Germany,

-Gerlinde Pistner is an artist from Nuremberg, Germany who deals not only with painting, but also with multimedia projects and design. Her creations made out of recycled materials have already been represented in shows in Brazil, Germany, USA, Poland, Russia … Her fashion show with kitchen-gowns will officially debut in Sloeshtica and its subsequent promotion will take place on the famous design fair “Augenschmaus” in Manheim, Germany in December 2016.