Art Point - Gumno
“Cleaning Sloestica” (2012)

“Cleaning Sloestica” (2012)

“Cleaning Sloestica”

In August 2012, two beautiful teenagers from Nuremberg, Germany – Clara Pistner and her friend Ronja Walter, visited Art Point – Gumno.

They were excited by the village, the nature, the food, the spirit of the local people and enjoyed their stay.

But, the two girls could not accept the fact that so much waste is scattered throughout the village. Therefore, they took an action. They invited the children aged 4 to 14 to compete – who will collect more waste. A great reward was announced – German candies!

About 200 kg of waste was collected in less than half an hour. There was no winner – the German sweets were equally distributed to all participants!The plastic bags with the waste were later transferred to the existing containers in Demir Hisar by cars.


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